Ages 10+

2-7 Players

20 Mins to Play

£20.00 GBP ($27.00 USD)

The Battle Royale of Card Games!

BONC! is a fun, intense, and strategic card game for kids and adults alike. Distribute life tokens & deal the deck, match numbers to BONC! your opponents, use crazy wild cards to attack, defend & heal!

✔ Don’t get BONC!ED – Stay Alive!

✔ BONC! (Kill) everybody else!

✔ The Last One Standing Wins!

How BONC! Works

BONC! Card Deck

1) Setup & deal the cards

The chosen dealer distributes the cards starting with the player on their left & goes clockwise

The player on the dealers left starts the game

2) Take turns playing a card

 On your turn, play any 1 card

PLAY Cards
BONC! Chain

3) BONC! or get BONC!ED

If you have the chance to BONC! someone, DO IT!
(be sure to shout “BONC!” when you BONC! someone)

When you get BONC!ED you lose a life.
(Throw it into the pit of doom)

If you lose all your lives, you’re out!

4) Fight to the death!

When all current players run out of cards. reshuffle, re-deal, & play with the remaining players.

Once you have betrayed all your friends & family & eliminated them all… YOU WIN!

BONC! Table Setup

Read our How to Play page for the full rules​

Everyone Loves BONC!

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