About us

The History of BONC!

The earliest origins of BONC! are relatively unknown. The game that we have now has been developed and redesigned based on a card game Craig and his family have played for over 30 years with a regular deck of cards.

The game as we know it now is an original and dynamic spin on the game that Craig once knew. This new version of BONC! has added new dimensions to the original game such as changing the amount of number cards in the deck so that some are relatively safer than others. The addition of the Wildcards has completely changed the game into a more aggressive and tension-filled experience for the whole family or an adults only evening.

Meet the Founders of BONC!

Craig W

Craig W

Craig is the co-creator and Managing Director of BONC! as well as being an ex-professional musician, having had success in his younger years, writing and releasing music with companies like Warner Music Philippines, and playing shows around the world.

Craig originally played BONC! with his family as a child, which led him to the idea of redesigning the game for a 21st-century audience.

In his free time, he loves playing card and board games, watching movies, as well as spending time with his beautiful and talented girlfriend and their three adorable cats.

Paula B

Paula B

Paula is the co-creator and lead artist of BONC! She is also a professional multi-genre dancer, pole performer and aerialist. She has always been immersed in the Arts, whether it be visual or performing arts. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, performed in theater, and competed in dance all over Asia.

Paula has always kept a mindset of never fully growing up, coz duh, adulting sucks. Haha! That’s what keeps her inner child front and center.

She enjoys playing video games, card & board games, creating DIY stuff, and watching cartoons. She even recently learned how to roller skate, thanks to her ever so supportive boyfriend who gave her her first pair of roller skates for Christmas.

Dean Bio Photo

Dean C

Dean is the Operations Director of BONC!. He was introduced to BONC! in early 2021 by Craig and Paula and fell in love with the game. Dean has a long & boring history of working on the web since he was 18 years old and running multiple businesses over the many years.

He loves to play video games to unwind, specifically epic action adventure style games with the Legend of Zelda series being amongst his all time favorites.

Dean likes to travel with his awesome girlfriend, Lilet. Both of them are hoping that international travel opens up soon and they can throw BONC! Into their luggage and play across the globe.