Rules & How to Play



  1. to attack (another player).

            “she BONC!ed Craig and won the game.”

            “he BONC!ed everyone with a BLITZ!”


  1. act of attacking another player.
  2. act of causing someone to lose their life.

            “I didn’t expect that BONC!, he’s sneaky.”

In a Nutshell:

All players start with 5 lives each

Take turns playing one card face-up on the discard pile.

Try to BONC! the player right before you by MATCHING THE NUMBER of the card they played.

Or get fancy & use WILD CARDS for special attacks, protection, & healing.

If you lose all your lives, you’re out of the game!

May the odds (of the deal) be ever in your favor.

The Game:

3-7 Players (for more players, add another deck)

For Ages 10 & Up

Elimination Game/Survival (Lives Based Format)

What's in the Box?

1x = #Zero Card
1x = #One Card
2x = #Two Cards
3x = #Three Cards
4x = #Four Cards
5x = #Five Cards
6x = #Six Cards
7x = #Seven Cards
8x = #Eight Cards

2x = BONC! Cards
4x = BLITZ Cards (# of cards at play will depend on # of players)
4x = BLOCK Cards
5x = BAND-AID Cards

= 60 Total Cards


  1. Distribute 5 Life TOKENS to each player.
  2. Identify the Number of BLITZ! Cards to be played according to the number of starting players.
    Set Aside unused Blitz! Cards.
    3 players = 1 BLITZ! Card
    4 players = 2 BLITZ! Cards
    5 players = 3 BLITZ! Cards
    6-7 players = 4 BLITZ! Cards
  3. Shuffle the deck thoroughly & deal cards to each player face down.
    10 CARDS (for 3-5 players)
    8 CARDS (for 6-7 players)
  4. Place the “PIT OF DOOM” in the Center for the “lost lives”. Next to it, place the Bulletproof Shields & draw pile, then set space for the discard pile.
  5. Get ready for WAR!!!

How to Play BONC!

  1. Set-Up & Deal Cards
    – Everybody starts with 5 lives each
    – Dealer distributes cards starting with the player on his/her left & goes clockwise.
    – The player on the dealer’s left starts the game.
  2. Take turns playing a card
    – On your turn, play any 1 card.
  3. BONC! & try not to get BONC!ed
    – If you have the chance to BONC! someone, DO it!!!
    (SHOUT “BONC!” When you BONC! Someone)
    – When you get BONC!ed, you lose a life.
    (throw it into the PIT OF DOOM)
    – Watch out for Bonc! Chains*
    – If you lose all your lives, you’re out!
  4. Fight to the death!!!
    – When all current players run out of cards, reshuffLe, re-deal, and play with the remaining players.
    – Once you have betrayed all your friends & family and eliminated them all… YOU WIN!!! *evil laugh*

Disclaimer: The makers of BONC! are not responsible for any grudges that may arise due to our game. Keep it fun & friendly!

BONC! Chains*

(Double/Triple/Quadruple BONC!s)

  • When you get DOUBLE BONC!ed, you lose 2 lives.
  • When you get TRIPLE BONC!ed, you lose 3 lives.
  • When you get QUADRUPLE BONC!ed, you lose 4 lives.
  • When you get QUINTUPLE BONC!ed, well, you get it…
    (but that’s phenomenal if that ever happens!)


… But how though?! 
For example:

  • Player 1: Plays the #7 card
  • Player 2: BONC!s Player 1 with a #7 card. Player 1 loses a life. 
  • Player 3: Plays a #7 Card, therefore, DOUBLE BONC!s Player 2. Player 2 loses 2 lives!
  • … this then continues for Player 4 (TRIPLE BONC!), Player 5 (QUADRUPLE BONC!), etc…

NOTE: If player 2 BONC!s player 1 with a number card, & player 3 BONC!s player 2 with a wild card, IT’S NOT CONSIDERED A BONC! CHAIN.

Get it! Got it? Good.

Wild Card Functions:


BONC! Card
This card can BONC! any card the player before you plays.
(except for the BULLETPROOF card)

Drop Bombs with the Blitz!!! Everybody gets BONC!ed except you, duh… BWAHAHA!
(also, except for players who are BULLETPROOF)

Get sneaky… play this card and BONC! the person right AFTER you! They’ll never see it coming! (because usually, you BONC! the person right before you!)

Play this card & steal a LIFE from any current player & add it to yours… BUT if you have perfect lives, you simply BONC! a random player of your choice and they lose a life!
Either way, it’s an evil card. teehee!
*Note that you can’t have more than the maximum number of lives.
*BORROWED TIME acts like a BANDage Card if all other players are BULLETPROOF.



This card gives you IMMUNITY for 2 rounds. It protects you from normal Number BONC!s, BONC! Chains, & all attack wild cards. Cool, right?!!

How to use it:
– Play the BULLETPROOF card, then take a BULLETPROOF Shield & Place it beside your lives with SIDE-1 facing up.
– on your next turn, play a card & flip your BULLETPROOF Shield to SIDE-2.
(we highly recommend playing your worst card during this round)
– On your 3rd round Play your next card & discard your BULLETPROOF Shield,thus, making That card vulnerable.
UNLESS… That card is ANOTHER BULLETPROOF card (lucky!)
In that case, just flip your BULLETPROOF Shield back to SIDE-1.

*If your BULLETPROOF card is still in play when you run out of cards, its protective property carries over until you play your next card on the next deal.

Play this to BLOCK any attack at any time! it Can be used against normal number BONC!s, BONC! chains, & all attack wild cards.
Then draw a new card to replace it in your hand.

NOTE: Playing the BLOCK card is NOT considered a turn.
BUT if there is no need to use its protective power, you can play it as a normal card, without needing to draw a new card.



Play this card to get a LIFE back! Orrr… if you have the max # of lives & you’re feeling extra nice, you MAY choose to play it & give another wounded player an extra life from the pit of Doom.
*Note that you can’t have more than the maximum number of lives.


Quick Version of BONC!

If you want a quicker game, just USE FEWER LIVES PER PLAYER than that indicated in the set-up. We recommend using 3 LIVES PER PLAYER for a quickie BONC! *wink wink*

Customize your own game:

Once you’ve mastered playing BONC!, we encourage you to get Crazy & creative and CUSTOMIZE your own game!!!

You can get an extra pack & play with more than 7 players, you can also use more lives (or less), maybe deal more cards if you don’t want to redeal as much.

You can even play with fewer or even no wild cards for a more classic & relaxed game.

For Adults, If you prefer to gamble for real, replace the lives with money/coins! Or maybe even shots instead of lives! Haha! This makes the game riskier and crazier!!!

Have fun with BONC!